Technical Reports and Building Inspection

In our building inspections, the main idea is to promote the service of Warranty Inspections, next to property owners, before the legal warranty period of the construction finishes, and therefore use the report to confront the contractor and activate his insurance and his responsibilities.  Know more

Forensics Engineering

Forensic Engineering consists on the determination of the cause, or origin of a certain type of damage or failure, such as cracks or other problems. This can be done by performing an inspection and diagnosis of the building that will provide a technical report on the building condition. This document will indicate the best repair and strengthening techniques, taking into account several aspects (type of damage: accidents, explosions, vibrations; structural solution and the other pathologies). In this report, it will also be analysed who is the responsible for the damage. Know more

Special Projects in Glulam

We are specialized in developing structural solutions in Timber and Glulam.

We want to achieve the following objectives, in the field of urban rehabilitation, using our knowledge and specialized software.
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Projects we have completed demonstrate what we know – Future projects decide what we will learn – Mohsin Tiwana


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