Specialties Projects

  • Concrete, Steel and Composite Structures
  • Building Rehabilitation
  • Hydraulic Installations
  • Fire Fighting Networks
  • Natural Gas
  • Fire Safety
  • Architectural acoustics

In the area of design, we have specialized technicians and partners in Engineering and Architecture, for the different stages of the project, which allows us to have adequate multidisciplinary teams to each situation and to client’s needs. The different stages of the project comprehend the preliminary and concept studies, licensing and execution project.

We have know-how in residential buildings, office buildings, industrial buildings, hotels, shopping malls, schools, public infra-structures and others.

Nowadays, the construction of any property, regardless of their dimension, requires several projects, corresponding to different stages, and this field is increasing in complexity and the management and coordination are becoming more challenging.

The use of BIM (Building Information modelling) models as a base for the coordination of multi-disciplinary teams increase the efficiency of the project coordination when compared to the traditional process.

On the other hand, throughout the several stages, our adaptive procedures to your needs will allow a better project coordination and an efficient transmission of information from all intervenient in the process.