Who we are


Kinetika was born in 2017, with the experience of people that established themselves in the market since 1998, with emphasis on relationships with other companies, acting in Civil Engineering, Real Estate Appraisement, Formation, Construction Supervision, Technical Reports on Buildings and Buildings Forensics.

Besides Civil Engineering projects and Project Management, we also provide consultancy, site Surveys and Inspections, in order to deliver technical reports related to the field of construction, for private costumers, insurance companies, courthouses, condominium and others.

The knowledge and the team spirit embodied in our team provide, through innovative methods and adequate equipment, great services in the field of consultancy, special projects, building forensics and construction supervision.


Kinetika has the following objectives to accomplish:

  • Provide excellency services in consultancy, forensics engineering, technical reports and constructions supervision;
  • Create partnerships and show loyalty to costumers;
  • Promote a sustainable growth;
  • Widen operation areas in a sustainable way;
  • Be a major reference company;
  • Improve the living conditions and sustainability of buildings;
  • Contribute to increase the safety of buildings.

Kinetika has the vision to improve the following problems:

  • Construction Pathologies in Buildings
  • Damage, Accidents, Fire and Collapses in Buildings
  • Lack of Formation and Sustainability concepts, with high costs on the rehabilitation of buildings

Why Kinetika? In which points are we different from the competition and in which measures can we help to solve those problems:

  • We have a lot of know-how in:
    • Building pathologies
    • Structural damage
    • Rehabilitation Projects
    • Surveys and appraisals
    • Structural Analysis
    • Construction systems
    • Project Management and Supervision
    • Construction Materials
  • We use the best construction methods in rehabilitation, with focus on the conservation of buildings and materials, and we provide the adequate Formation and Project guidelines.
  • Cost reduction
  • Wide technical approach
  • Specialized Software
  • Sharing, exchange of the know-how and formation
  • Versatility
  • Self-equipment
  • The company owners are well recognized in the field
  • Investment on the continuous knowledge increase of the team
  • Vast experience on the field of action
  • Great equipment
  • Great location (close by the historical centre of Oporto)
  • Strategic Collaborations and Partnerships
  • Integrated in networking groups
  • Quality service
  • Online bookstore (soon)
  • Formation Offer
  • Social awareness
  • Big range of products and services
  • Insurance Companies
  • Condominiums
  • Construction Companies
  • Real Estate agencies
  • Courts and lawyers
  • Industry
  • Banks
  • Rehabilitation promoters