Technical Reports and Building Inspection

In our building inspections, the main idea is to promote the service of Warranty Inspections, next to property owners, before the legal warranty period of the construction finishes, and therefore use the report to confront the contractor and activate his insurance and his responsibilities.

This service can also be used by banks and insurance companies that act as intermediaries to the properties owners with a fixed price by report, in which these entities will save money in hiring experts and in litigious cases.

During the construction works in a building (usually in urban environment), it is usual to have some complaints from the nearby buildings, saying that some pathologies appeared during the construction of the new building, claiming that these were caused by the new construction.

Many conflicts arise within these entities (inhabitants and contractors), since it is not easy to determine if the anomaly in question happened before or after the beginning of the construction works. Even more, if it is after the beginning of the construction, it is very difficult to prove if these were caused by the construction works.

Carrying out Preventive Inspections allows you to avoid, or at least, minimize these kind of situations.

Since all areas of the building are inspected, it is possible to detect, even before the construction begins, any situation-namely structural-that, along the construction period, might put into risk the building integrity or their users.

A site inspection is conducted, and a compilation of all visible anomalies is registered with a camera or thermographic camera. The location of each picture is identified and the cause of each anomaly will be identified, if possible. This inspection is made in all areas of the building.

After the collected data retrieved from the inspection, a report is written, that contains a description regarding all anomalies present in common and private areas.

After the report is finished, all involved participants will sign it and a copy of it will be given to them.

This process is well established, with our previous experience, involving thousands of buildings in Porto, in which the objective was to prevent eventual damage, due to the excavation of underground tunnels and other major interventions.

Other services, regarding more complex situations, such as fires, explosions, vibrations, inspection and monitoring of structures, etc…, in residential and industrial buildings. This is known as Forensics Engineering.