Construction Supervision

Building Inspector Looking At New Property

The aim of the construction supervision is established in the Portuguese Law at Decreto-Lei nº 18/2008, January 29th and in the set of Specifications Book of the project.

In these terms, the technicians are chosen and mobilized in order to implement adequate information systems, construction supervision procedures and control of all activities within the construction site environment.

These technicians are responsible for:

  • Administrative Project Management
  • Planning control and work situation evaluation
  • Works and Materials quality control
  • Project Analysis
  • Quantities and costs control

We would like to highlight some of the main activities related to construction supervision:

  • Analyse and inform eventual alternative proposals to the detailing drawings, materials, constructions methods and schedules, presented by contractors.
  • Propose eventual alteration to the detailing drawings, materials, constructions methods, and appropriate approaches to the constructions schedules.
  • Verify the positioning of installations, equipment and their components.
  • Material quality control, their utilization or placement, according to the contract rules, general specifications, technical specifications and legal normative.
  • Quantity, quality and execution schedule control.
  • Analyse and inform eventual new costs, presented by the contractor.
  • Control monthly payments to the contractor, respecting what was signed in the contract and update the financial physical schedule.
  • Establish and keep data relative to the progress of construction tasks, regarding quality, quantities, costs, and if possible, their components, time consuming period and the start and finish dates.
  • Perform, at least, once a week, a formal meeting on site, with the contractor and the owner, the project coordinator or architect and the designers or engineers, where all performance aspects concerning the construction are analysed. All information concerning the construction works are described, both, in terms of safety, working progress, payments, project, quality of the materials applied and other aspects.
  • Write a monthly report regarding the amount of work performed, to be given to the owner.